CannaMed Talent Solutions Brings Experience

The founders of CannaMed Talent Solutions have decades of combined experience in the staffing and recruiting business, as well as tech start-ups and real estate development and management.   Their knowledge of servicing growing businesses in fast moving markets coupled with their passion for developing the legitimacy and effectiveness of the medical marijuana community drives their efforts to develop CannaMed Talent Solutions into the premier provider in the industry.

If you are interested in joining our team, then we want to get to know you!  Who’s on our team?  We have people that are focussed on developing relationships with candidates; people that spend every day getting to know the owners of dispensaries and cultivation centers to better understand the challenges they’re facing; we have people that consider themselves digital marketing geniuses;  of course we have folks that find their own personal nirvana when they are developing processes and procedures to streamline the HR functions and lock down 100% compliance with regulatory agencies; lastly we have the know-it-alls. Theses are the people that know everything there is to know about cannabis so they can train and educate our aspiring candidates. We rely heavily on these few ganja-gods, and therefore they are treated like royalty and kept in a special hidden lair where they are  hand-fed grapes and stuff. OK, we’re kidding. They work side-by-side and just as hard as the rest of us to ensure our clients and candidates meet their wildest expectations while pursuing businesses and careers in medical marijuana.