We’re going to make your life a lot easier!

We can take all of the headache and hassle of trying to administer time tracking, payroll, statutory withholdings, insurance and benefits by being the employer of record for  your staff. This means, instead of having to make dozens of cash transactions on a bi-weekly basis, we’ll send you one bill and take care of the rest.

We can do this for all of your staff, or just some, it’s up to you. We are happy to discuss the pros and cons with you more.  Based on your needs we can help you decide how many of your staff will be full-time or part-time and define their roles.

If you’re interested in hiring some of these folks to your team directly, but can’t seem to find the right fit or the person with the right kind of experience, we can help with that.  Our recruiting staff is screening hundreds of candidates every week that are interested in working in the medical marijuana businesses.

Confidentiality is incredibly important in this industry. We make sure all of our staff sign strict confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements to protect your businesses and trade secrets.We select those candidates that are going to bring your customers and your business the most value.  We provide our clients with people that are knowledgeable growers, trimmers, chefs, dispensary personnel, clerks, accountants, marketers and general operations personnel.  Candidates are screened over the phone, met in person, given behavioral assessments before meeting our clients. We can even do recorded video interviews to allow you to quickly and efficiently select the best people for your team.

Lastly, we help you with training and education. It is incredibly important for both employers and employees to know that they are both growing and advancing every day. While on the job experience is the best way to learn and grow and a professional, to truly set yourself apart and have the best staff in the industry, it’s critical to invest the time and energy into training and developing your staff. That’s where we come in again! We’re heavily invested in ensuring the success of this industry. As such, we need to partner with our clients to provide their staff and our own staff the best training and education in the industry. Our training is focused on three primary areas; the patients, the products and the regulations.